Welcome to Shining Star Waldorf School

We offer fine quality academic and artistic education for children and families from preschool to grade eight  Our main campus is located at 2120 NE Tillamook, Portland, OR 97212 for grades 1-8 and our two kindergartens and brand new preschool two-day program is at NE 37th & Skidmore, in the Bethany Lutheran Church across from Wilshire Park.  We have limited space and our classes fill quickly so please be timely in your application process



 Open House for the new Wilshire Park Expanded Early Childhood Center, two kindergartens plus our brand new 3 year old nursery school, Hummingbird Play Garden!  Keep checking for updates, space very limited.

 June 6th, SATURDAY 1-3 pm 

These open houses are located at 4330 NE 37th, Portland, Oregon. Please visit Ms. Julie, Frau Brigitte, and Mrs. RIce!  Ages 3 to 6 years old.

 Our phone is 503 753 4459, and our email is 

Our school has about 90 children, and we offer a unique 3 day-in-class, 9 am to 3 pm, and the Thursday Outdoor Nature Immersion program to create a 4-day school week, no Fridays.  Children in the K classes (mixed ages 3-5) attend M-T-W 9 am to 1 pm, and we offer aftercare to 3 pm.

Our school is a member of AWSNA (Waldorf association) and we offer handwork, music, strings, choir, band, eurhythmy, German, folk dance, games, and so much more.  The teachers are extraordinary individuals who love children and Waldorf education, and strive to promote a healthy healing environment that is socially conscious and inclusive.  Our families are strong and capable and play a leading role in Parent Council and support.  The Board of Directors is motivated and engaged in long term visioning and short term leadership.  It is a wonderful little school!  

Class sizes are smaller, with 10-19 children, average is 14.  

Please let us know if we can assist you in your search for the perfect education for your family!  You can find us on Facebook at Shining Star Waldorf School of Portland.

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