Welcome to Shining Star Waldorf School

We offer fine quality academic and artistic education for children and families from preschool to grade seven.  Our main campus is located at 2120 NE Tillamook, Portland, OR 97212, and our satellite K is at NE 37th & Skidmore, in the Bethany Lutheran Church across from Wilshire Park.


DECEMBER 9th, TUESDAY, Please help us with our DOUGH FOR DOLLARS CAMPAIGN at Pizzacato on NE Fremont and 42nd Street, proceeds will benefit our school fund for scholarships, please purchase, order, or obtain gift certificates to help us, all day long, thank you so very much!

Our phone is 503 753 4459, and our email is 

Our school has about 80 children and families, and offer a unique 3 day-in-class, 9 am to 3 pm, and the Thursday Outdoor Nature Immersion program to create a 4-day school week, no Fridays.  Children in the K classes (mixed ages 3-5) attend M-T-W 9 am to 1 pm, and we offer aftercare to 3 pm.

Our school is a member of AWSNA (Waldorf association) and we offer handwork, music, strings, choir, band, eurhythmy, German, folk dance, games, and so much more.  The teachers are extraordinary individuals who love children and Waldorf education, and strive to promote a healthy healing environment that is socially conscious and inclusive.  Our families are strong and capable and play a leading role in Parent Council and support.  The Board of Directors is motivated and engaged in long term visioning and short term leadership.  It is a wonderful little school!  

Class sizes are smaller, with 10-19 children, average is 14.  

Please let us know if we can assist you in your search for the perfect education for your family!

ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF THE BEES:  Our wonderful annual event is approaching January 31st, this is a full day of fun for your family with the focus on our delightful and essential friends, the BEES.  We will offer games, crafts, stories, honey and honey products from vendors, bee hives, delicious hot lunch and baked goods, silly photo booth to dress up in costumes, live music, a real BEE party!  

We also offer a fabulous small-school Silent Auction.  Parents and others donated and gather crafts, services, goods, and so much more, to offer to everyone, even children make nice items to donate to the school to help us.  Most of the funds we raise in our silent auction go directly to support children's tuition at this school, where we offer sliding scale and financial aid so that every single child who wants a Waldorf education, may have the opportunity to obtain one in our classes.  

We also accept donations directly for this purpose, you can simply donate funds to us via this convenient paypal donation button and we will deposit it directly, 100% of it, to help a family in need at our school.  You can do such a good deed in the world by pushing that button, and you are also eligible to declare this donation as a tax deductible expense on your taxes.  Everyone wins.  

Please come to our Festival of the Bees!  Activities are mostly free with a small fee for crafts and food.  If you could hear the joyful sounds of children laughing, playing, learning, and growing, in times of humor, in times of reflection, in times of considering how to best serve the community and the world, you would see, right away, that our efforts to bring a kind of revolutionary type of education into the world of materialism, is accomplishing so many great deeds!  And the future will belong to these children, who receive a kind of education that is community-focused, that is other-centered, that is exciting and inviting, and lives right into the heart of each child, meeting their individual stages of development.  More details to follow, soon!

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