Friday Morning Play Group

Welcome back, Susan Rice!

We are so happy to welcome Susan Rice, K teacher, back to our school for the Thursday Morning Family Playgroup!  She will teach at the Bethany Lutheran Site, NE 37th & Skidmore, across from Wilshire Park, 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

Ms. Deirdre Spahr, teacher, is offering a small Friday morning group for spring 2015!  Please join her by emailing

Family Playgroups are so much fun and a great way to form friendships, follow the seasonal rhythms, learn parenting skills, and enjoy the beauty of the Waldorf kindergarten and natural setting. 

About 8 families will be accepted for each term of 10 weeks (Fall, Winter, Spring).

The fee for a 10 week term is $125 per family.  Family members can attend including parents or relatives, we have had Grandmas bringing toddlers, mamas with newborns, and daddies with preschoolers!  Fall, winter and spring terms!

Family playgroup is a great way to celebrate childhood, learn fingerplays, songs, watch sweet puppet shows and hear stories, do crafts and celebrate the seasons with art, song, and festivals. 

We offer an introduction into the gentle and beautiful style of Waldorf education and parenting in our FPGs.

Each week families bring a snack to share, and enjoy friendship, fun, and learning.

Please call 503 753 4459 today to ask about Fall Family Playgroup!  .

All welcome.

We are not able to offer financial aid for this very reasonably priced program, only $12.50 per week.
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