Nature Immersion Program

Outdoors, Year Round 
Nature Immersion Program ages 5-13
We want to take you and your children out into the deep dark magical woods, located right in the middle of the city.  And we want you to join us!  

Teachers will spend the day outdoors with your children and enjoy the great outdoors, connect with animals, insects and plants in a  healthy way, visit wild areas around the city, and develop survival skills as well. 

The Nature Immersion Program visits local areas that offer unstructured wilderness\, to allow the children to encounter and observed raw nature, wild spaces, unstructured places where they would roam, explore, create, and absorb the beautiful Oregon natural influences.  Recent spaces have included Rock Elk Island, Sauvie Island, Kelly Point Park, and other secret urban wild areas!

The fact is, when we immerse ourselves into a forest, a field, a stream side, a meadow, or any natural settings, we are surrounded and bathed by the invisible forces of the habitat, visually, mentally and physiologically.
This wonderful program is part of our full week grades program.
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