Outdoor Education Option

Thursday Nature Immersion Program ages 5-12

We want to take you and your children out into the deep dark magical woods, located right in the middle of the city.  And we want you to join us on Thursdays if you have a child ages six to eleven! 

A typical day starts at 9:30 am when we gather at a specific site, generally a public wild area, with the 3 teachers and about 25 children.  Parents often stay for a while and join in the activities.

During the day we offer both structured activities, learning opportunities and free play to enjoy the natural setting.  The children are loosely divided into three groups, one with each teacher, and each group has its own special skills and recognition based on the development stage.

Younger children play and create nature based crafts, hear stories and songs related to the season and the setting.  Middles carry more responsibility with hiking, games, tracking, survival skills, and the oldest become the Fire Keepers, learning to build and maintain life-sustaining camps, cooking fires, and more, all immersed in the imaginative world of the global stories inspired by Mother Earth.

We enjoy snack and lunch during the day, and the children freely explore and encounter wild animals, insects, earth, wind, rain, water, and even mud during these wonderful days.

Favorite activities have included archery, shelter building, plant medicine, tracking and scouting, and tree climbing. 

We offer an exciting and unique outdoor Thursday for children at our school.  Teachers are Laura Johnson, Deirbre Spahr, and Peter Bauer, this is the 2nd year as a team working with this age group and as co-teachers.  Peter is well known for his Rewild! organization, and Laura and Deirdre are full time grades teachers at Shining Star Waldorf School.  . 

 Full tuition for the year is $1750.

To sign up call 503 753 4459. Space is limited, please sign up early.
Thank you for joining us in this pioneering adventure!
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