Grades Classes
We offer grades 1-7 2014-15 

Monday-Thursday 9 am to 3 pm

Class sizes are small. On purpose!  Our families like it that way.

Our faculty:  Mrs. Johnson, gr 6-7, Ms. Laura, gr 4 and 5, Ms. Deidre Spahr, gr 3, Mr. Chi, gr 2,  Dolores Julien gr 1,  Ms. Lenka White, strings, Justine Verigin and Virginie Hoover, handwork, Tante Jossi, German, Anne Marie Sanderson, Band & Flutes, Brigitte Bonfield, advanced German, Ms. Jolanda, Eurythmy, Arnold Lobel, Pianist for Eurythmy, David Edwards, Grade 1 co-teacher,  We also offer circus arts and folk dance in blocks..

We offer head, heart and hands education for the whole child using traditional and innovative Waldorf education.

Our First Graders use BENCHES!

Our grades children enjoy:

Eurythmy 1 x per week
Handwork 2 x per week
German 2 x per week
Strings in gr 4 and older 1 x per week. Band in grade 6 and 7, 1 x per week
Movement & Games
Folk Dance 1 x per week
Art every day

Afterschool Electives:  3-4 pm

Community Orchestra (strings) Mondays
Acting/Drama Tuesdays
Spanish Wednesdays


Heartfelt and exciting curriculum and social activities, including time to laugh, consider, ponder, wonder, and discuss. With the sciences, arts, and academic exploration of sensitive topics, and laws of nature, the children come to grasp their own capacity to impact the world and their community.

Our middle school students are kind, compassionate, loving, sweet, silly, saucy, and filled with life!  As a group, they are beginning to spend more time on individual interests and thoughts, in both the classroom projects and at home.  Our middle school students enjoy changing elective programs with ceramics, modeling, English Country Folk Dance, and so much more.  They are bright, eager, intelligent youngsters and we are proud of them!

The grades are located in a sunny beautiful lower level of a large church located in the beautiful Irvington Neighborhood, we enjoy a large paved play area and a garden space with vegetable area, a hand made sand box tucked into a corner, basketball hoops, and within 2 blocks, a lovely private green space with labyrinth and play space for recreation.  We love our strings and band program, it is so much fun!

On Thursdays, the grades goes out into Mother Nature for fall and spring, in winter we remain on site with wonderful mixed aged activities.  About 1/2 of our students enroll in our Thursday Nature Immersion Program, 9:30 to 2:30, year round, outdoors, all day.  This is a fantastic option for learning so much more about nature, the local habitats, animals, plants, skills, and much more.

We are inching up towards a full eight grades in 2014, as we will offer a grade seven class in September as a combined class Grade 6-7.  Currently 13 children are in the class and we have room for 15.  The Waldorf middle school is rich in its offering of advanced sciences and literature.  In grade six the students read the Iliad, in grade five, they read the Odyssey.  We explore many aspects of physics. chemistry, astronomy, mineralogy, classic literature, latin, sculpture and much more!  Each year in the Waldorf school we enjoy so many fabulous subjects and study, the children are very adept at music, can play by ear or read music, work together in band and advanced strings, and reading/writing German.  Out school offers complex and fascinating handwork challenges that teach form, design, the joy of completing a complex project, and a beautiful outcome.  In Grade seven the children make the classic Waldorf Doll.  This small figure is an important step and these dolls generally are kept for lifetimes!

Please join us for Fall 2014!

Grade 1:  fairy stories and nature stories, introduction to literacy, 4 math processes
Grade 2:  Fables, Inspiring Lives, Nature, Kitchen Science (cooking)
Grade 3: History of the Hebrews, Farming, Practical Arts, Min House project, Hebrew
Grade 4: Ancient Norse Mythology, Fractions, Human & Animal, Animal Reports, Runes
Grade 5: Ancient Civilizations, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Botany, Geograpy, Greek
Grade 6: Roman & Medieval History, Business Math, Mineralogy, Astronomy, Physics, Latin
Grade 7:  Renaissance Studies, Age of Invention, Chemistry, Physics, Doll making, Calligraphy
Grade 8: Industrial Age, Modern History, Biology, Anatomy, Project, Clothing (Machine)

  ANCIENT CHINA BLOCK SEPT 2013, Ink on Rice Paper Gr 5-6
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