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We welcome your application.  Please call 503 753 4459 to arrange a tour and visit to the school.

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4 day grades: $5585 per year, 10% sibling discount
,3 day K or Nursery $4361 per year, per child
1 day option (M or Th) $2000 per year
Family Playgroups $125 per term (10 weeks)

Materials Fees:  $250 per child, $150 for 1 day children only in the grades 1-6

We offer very limited tuition reduction, mostly in exchange for skill based services.  We welcome applications from students and families from diverse socio-economic situations.  We are a non profit 501 (C) 3 corporation and all donations are tax deductible.  Families contribute Angel Hours to our school each calendar year to maintain our fee structure.
  We enjoy cooking with foods fresh from our garden


"We love Shining Star for the community of people who care about nurturing childhood, who value art and music in education, and who want to raise imaginative and creative souls who will bring their true purpose to share with the world. We enjoy the connection to the cycles of the natural world with the festivals and enjoy spending that reverent and celebratory time with the families in the school. My daughter has made such wonderful friends and made such great leaps, after three years at Shining Star she is full of confidence and excitement to pursue learning about what she loves."
-longtime Shining Star family

My child values social playtime and art time and my  family values social education, the love and flexibility and personal attention to my child's growth.

A dynamic collabroation of loving teacher and families I can rely on, for my child this is a serene and magical space he can relax in, and he has loving adults all around he can seek guidance from as he grows.

My children's joy for learning and fulfilled potential is what I see.  They cheer on school days and long for school during breaks.  The sparks that are lit on the campus by teachers resonate at our home and in our whole family!  Yay for Shining Star!

Shining Star school is the reason that we remain in the Portland area, on foreign soil in a way, because our children and family are very grounded in its joyful wisdom and has given us the answers we were looking for, for a long time, in education that meets the child!

What Shining Star School has offered me, is a strong warm sense of community and purpose that has supported my own growth, and our family's, now and into the distant future.

This school has given our family the chance to solidify our deepest values in more areas of our lives, including our children's education. 

You provide a safe and nurturing space where my children can THRIVE and enjoy being their own creative brilliant selves!

This is a place where each person is warmly welcomed and accepted and encouraged to show their own secret and beautiful self.

Thank you!  We LOVE you!

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